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Meet the Founder

Meet The Founder:

Skincare was always important to me due to having dry, eczema prone, and very sensitive skin. I spent a lot of time (and money) trying to find a perfect skincare routine but nothing was ever the right match, was rejected by my skin, or was just super expensive - as a young mom, spending a bunch on products wasn’t something I could do back then. After learning more about natural products and toxic ingredients two years ago, I thought “Why not just make my own products?” - I mean what could I lose if nothing was working already, right? Well it worked and not only did I start seeing changes but so did others around me! That led to me talking more to other women with different skin types, hearing their complaints and goals, further researching and learning natural and safe ways that I can offer them help. Thus, Glow Co. was born (I say that very PowerPuff Girl like)!

  Starting off as solely a skincare line in March of 2019, we had such great responses that our tribe eventually wanted natural hair products as well. I have been natural for 2 years now after transitioning so I was very familiar with journey and natural hair care. January of 2020, we relaunched and Glow Co. had a Glow Up - now a natural hair and skincare brand for melanin rich women. I’m so proud of our growth and want to let you all know how much you truly are appreciated. I do this for you and couldn’t get this far without you.

- Shanika Marie xo.