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Lavender Mask

Lavender Mask

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Pretty in purple with this lavender mask, but it's just not it's beauty that you'll love! Clay masks are usually designed for oily skin but this is specifically formulated for dry and sensitive skin. Offering so many skin loving properties, it's hard for this not to become a favorite.

  • Moisturizes skin
  • Contains vitamins A & E
  • Reduces acne scarring
  • Reduce skin irritations
  • Removes toxins

Directions: Apply a medium layer to dry, clean skin. Avoid the eye area. Let sit for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. For dryer skins, do not use more than one time a week.

 Distilled Water
 Argan Oil
 Avocado Oil
 Polawax Emulsifying Wax
 BTMS-50 Conditioning Wax
 Kaolin Clay
 Purple Brazilian Clay
 Lavender Oil
 Evening Primrose Extract